what is an EGR delete kit?

What is the EGR?

EGR refers to exhaust gas recirculation technology, which refers to a mandatory component in most vehicles. It consists of a sub-cooler that cools the exhaust gases and feeds them into the intake of the engine. EGR systems reduce the vehicle's exhaust emissions.

So, what is an EGR delete kit?

As the name implies, an EGR delete kit is a component that drivers use to disable (or remove) the EGR system in diesel vehicles. An EGR removal kit is an aftermarket parts kit that removes the vehicle's EGR system, which removes exhaust gases from the vehicle's engine. 


For 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel EGR Plate Cooler & Throttle Valve Delete Kit


What are the disadvantages of EGR?

EGR systems exist to improve exhaust gas quality. But what happens is quite different. EGR systems all reduce airflow, combustion efficiency, and thus engine power.

Your oil gets contaminated faster, your manifold/intake gets clogged with excess soot, and your car becomes a big polluting motor vehicle that doesn't go as fast as it did when you bought it.

That's why people are choosing to remove it.


For 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Diesel EGR Plate Cooler & Throttle Valve Delete Kit

What is the purpose of the EGR Delete Kit ?

How it works

The EGR delete kit is an aftermarket performance part that removes the EGR valve and prevents the exhaust from being redirected to the engine. Ultimately, this allows your vehicle to operate as if it never had an EGR valve.


After installing an EGR delete kit, you will notice a few key differences. First, your engine will become more powerful. It starts to run cleaner. Not only does it make the process more and more efficient, but it also reduces the chance of DPF (diesel particulate filter) failure. Helps you restore the power levels of your diesel engine, which in turn restores your overall fuel efficiency.

EGR valves naturally contain high levels of soot. When an EGR system valve or cooler becomes clogged with soot, exhaust gases begin to circulate more around the system, resulting in a clog. As a result, the temperature around the engine rises and engine power decreases. However, when you bypass it, less exhaust gas is produced, resulting in lower engine temperatures.

EGR removal can also help you save on some expensive repairs. A clogged intake system with excess soot will reduce engine performance. EGR can be expensive to repair and replace if damaged. EGR delete kits save you money by eliminating the possibility of such damage.

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